System Commander: Special Edition for Windows98

By Don Patzsch, Tampa PC Users Group


This is a very interesting program. You do not need this program if you have SYSTEM COMMANDER 3.0 or SYSTEM COMMANDER Deluxe.

When you install this program, it makes copies of various components of the Windows95 program, or if you are using Windows 3.x, it will make copies of those program components.

The purpose of this program is to put a boot menu choice on your screen when you start your computer. If you now have Windows95, you will see--OS selection Menu. A: Windows95 B: Windows98

You may then select whichever operating system you wish to boot. That is the purpose of this System Commander Special Edition. Use this program only if you plan to install Windows98 UPGRADE. You do not need to set up a separate partition to install the UPGRADE. Another interesting feature is that the DOS boot sector virus protection checks for viruses on every boot-up. If one is found, the program replaces the infected boot sector and hidden files.

Remember, with this program, you may install the Windows98 UPGRADE without affecting your Windows95 or Windows 3.x system. Quite an unusual idea.

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