Meeting Preview: At the February meeting, Mark Hayley will present Travel Software and other CD programs for the first part of the meeting. In the second half, William LaMartin will discuss creating interactive web pages with Visual Basic scripting and active server pages. Mary Sheridan, as usual, will conduct a 30 minute Windows discussion at the beginning of the meeting.

President’s Message

By Merle Nicholson, President, Tampa PC Users Group

In this issue, please look at two notable items. One is the announcement of the new officers. The installment of new officers occurred at the January meeting. Part of this is, of course, so that you, the membership, will know who the dedicated workers are. But, since we are also a Florida corporation, it’s a good idea to announce the change in a public manner.

The other item to look for is a very brief financial statement. The club passed a resolution many years back to publish this yearly. Please note that our balance has increased considerably. This is due the reduction of printing costs through the generosity of a club member and a small team of volunteers who put this together at the lowest possible cost.

I’d like to make a plug right now for our SIGs. SIG is Special Interest Group. At the moment we have three SIGs: Windows, Internet, Visual Basic and Genealogy. All meet monthly. There is further information in this newsletter and on our web site with a contact name for each. There is some current interest in a Linux SIG. A Linux SIG will get started only when someone will volunteer some time to collect names and find at least an initial meeting place.

A SIG gets started if, One, there are enough people interested to support it, and, Two, if there’s a volunteer or two to make the arrangements. There can really be very little work in running a SIG: finding a meeting place (the hardest), notifying and reminding the members, and coordinating a monthly program or agenda. Many SIGs go on very well as simple discussion groups, with a demo rotating among the members to show what each person’s involvement in the subject is. Everyone benefits from the exchange of information, advice and viewpoints.

I mentioned that I have two goals this year. We spent last year getting our financial house in order, and I believe that’s behind us. We also had a very good year for presentations. This year I’d like to concentrate on building the membership. I plan to do this in two ways – the first is to build partnerships with other organizations, and the second is to enlist the aid of the membership to recruit family, friends and neighbors. If you come to the meetings, you must surely benefit from the experience. Please share that with one or two people during this year, and we’ll be on solid footing.

The other goal of mine is to find a replacement TPCUG president by October at the latest. If you’re interested, please mention it to me or any of the board members. Come to the monthly board meetings to see how we are organized; make suggestions, whatever you can contribute.

Thanks, and I’ll see you at the next meeting. u