Special Interest Groups

Internet SIG

This SIG meets the first Monday of the month at 6 PM at the Reflectone Building, off West Waters Ave. You must sign up to get on the list and to get by security. Contact Mike Hodges at hodges@reflectone.com. For directions, see the map at our web site or contact Mike Hodges.

We again reviewed what we have done. We also spent a good bit of time studying how the calendars at TPCUG.ORG and LAMARTIN.COM were made.

Genealogy SIG

This SIG meets the second Monday of the month at 7:00 PM at the Museum of Science and Industry. Contact Jenny Lind Olin at 960-5723 or Ford Bond at 987-6309 .

The members of the TPCUG Genealogy SIG have learned a lot in the past year even if they didnít attend all meetings. Several interesting items have been sent to the members with e-mail addresses. A list of epidemics was a unique tool to use while doing genealogy. A list of wars fought on American
continents and a list of ailments found in the census reports and their modern disease names were very interesting.

Web sites have been shared this past year. There were URLs for maps of the counties as they changed from census to census, Irish genealogy sites, and an opportunity to visit ancestry.com free for a month.

Visual Basic SIG

This SIG meets the third Tuesday of the month, at the Gateway 2000 Store on North Dale Mabry (just south of Columbus Drive) at 6 PM. For information, contact Merle Nicholson at merlenic@tampabay.rr.com .

We studied various ways of opening text files for both input and output and how to write data to them and retrieve data from them.