Minutes of the March Meeting

By Mary Sheridan, President, Tampa PC Users Group

Mary Sheridan had a Windows SIG from 6 PM until 6:30. At 6:30 the meeting was opened and club business was discussed.

At 7:00, Bruce Register induced our presenters. He explained that he had met Claire Emanuel at the FACUG Spring Conference and she had graciously agreed to do a presentation for us. Kevin Hunt was also on hand to help with the presentation.

Claire began the presentation by explaining that she represents a company called Tu.Be. Computers located in Englewood, FL. Tu.Be. Computers are distributors for many types of computers and computer related products. They are also the distributors for JR Inkjet. JR Inkjet is a seven-year-old British based company. JR Inkjet developed the Universal Refill Ink Kit. Their refill kits can be used with over 400 different types of cartridges. Claire showed a slide show explaining how to refill an ink cartridge. Make sure you refill your cartridge over a protected surface, like the sink or a counter top covered with paper towels because you might get a few drops leak out of the cartridge and you don't want to make a mess. Be careful how you handle the cartridge's print head. They are usually metallic and might be damaged if you touch them. Cartridges should be refilled when they aren't quite empty. When cartridges are allowed to dry out, they may not be useable anymore. The refill kits come with a flush, so if your cartridges have dried out, you can still possibly use them by first running the flush through the print heads. The flush kit will dissolve the dried ink. The starter kit that Claire had for sale contained two 20 ml bottles of black ink. The amount of times you can refill your particular cartridge with the starter kit depends on how much ink your cartridge holds. The kit comes with the primary colors, cyan, yellow and magenta. JR Inkjet offers the starter kits at a special price to user groups of $29.00. The kit also comes with a syringe and plugs needed for some cartridges. The kit retails for $45.00. You save money by being a member of the user group.

You can save approximately $160.00 by using the starter kit to refill their cartridges if you buy a new ink cartridge every time the inks runs out They also have a black refill kit with only black ink. It comes with everything the starter kit has except the flush. Another kit that they sell is the color kit. It has cyan, magenta, and yellow inks, the syringe and plugs, but flush. All kits come with complete instructions on how to refill your cartridges. Most people who buy the starter kits then buy the larger bottles of refill ink. They have a 16 ml bottle of black ink and a 250 ml bottle. JR Inkjet has a lot of repeat customers. The have a toll free help line for any problems or questions you may have. Most cartridges have sponges inside, so you are refilling the sponge with ink. The color cartridge has three chambers with sponges. The ink is water-soluble and can be cleaned up with soap and water. The kit contains a tiny hand drill in case you need to make a hole in your cartridge, depending on the type of cartridge you have. JR Ink is dye based as opposed to pigment-based ink. Their ink is the highest formula ink. It is refined to 1/2 a micron to fit through the smallest ink jet. JR Inkjet is in the process of trying to get into the retail market. They are selling the kits on the Home Shopping Network. JR Inkjet was the first refill ink company. As long as you refill the cartridge before the sponges get dried out, you should be able to refill a cartridge ten times before you have to replace it. Printer Companies will often make their money on the consumables like the ink cartridges instead of the printers themselves. The inkbottles will last for a couple of years until they're opened. Claire then fielded questions from the group. You can buy an injector kit if you lose your syringe. All these items can be found on the Internet at http://www.tubecomputers.com. Claire had plenty of merchandise with her for sale. JR Inkjet uses Yahoo for their business web site. We thanked Claire and Kevin and took a short break. JR Inkjet donated two refill kits for our raffle. Bob Parks and John Witmer were the winners of the refills kits. Other door prize winners were: Clark Evans, a clock; Merle Nicholson, Quicken 2001 Suite; Jim Purcell, CD case; Mike Hutchinson, Corel mug; Tom Goff, T-shirt; and Brian Lance. u