Meeting Preview: Ray Hall will tell us about using computer software in investing. As usual, Mary Sheridan will conduct a computing and Windows discussion for the first 30 minutes of the meeting.

President’s Message

By Mary Sheridan, President, Tampa PC Users Group

If you haven’t heard yet, MOSI has told us we have to find another location. We can meet at MOSI in May but will have to be moved for the June meeting. I was sad at first and then realized that maybe it would be a good thing. The room at MOSI had gotten very crowded and it was always a headache finding someone to open the door for us. William LaMartin has suggested a library branch that looks promising. Merle Nicholson has told us in the past that we could use the TECO facility on 9th Ave. Anyone else who has any potential locations, or just some new ideas, please let a board member know about it.

The Spring Conference for the Florida Association of PC Users Groups was a huge success. We had 140 attendees representing 34 user groups. There were people from Michigan, near Knoxville and Atlanta. The food was excellent. The conference was well planned and a great learning experience for everyone who attended. The attending members from TPCUG were Jenny Lind Olin, Bruce Register, Kevan Sheridan and Mary Sheridan. Mike Hodges was only able to attend the Saturday sessions, but hopefully he found it a valuable experience. The APCUG representatives attending the FACUG conference held a round table session discussing what APCUG has to offer user groups. Two members of the APCUG approached me after the conference. They said their representative from Florida has resigned from the board of advisors and asked if I would consider filling the position. They assured me it wasn’t going to consume too much time, so I agreed to help them out.

On May 2-3, 2001 TPCUG will have a presence at ITEC. It will be at the Tampa Convention Center and the hours are 10 AM - 6 PM. If you can volunteer anytime during these two days, please contact a board member. We will be working at the information desk and two of our members will be judging the World’s Sexiest Geek contest.

Don’t forget, we will be changing our meeting time starting in May. The Windows SIG will begin at 6:30 and the presentation will begin at 7 PM.

Until our next meeting, happy computing! u