Minutes of the January Meeting

The first part of the meeting Bob LaFave demonstrated how to copy the files from one computer to another by removing the hard drive from Jenny Lind Olin’s old computer and installing it in her new computer as a second hard drive. He then simply used Windows Explorer to copy files from the old drive to the new drive.

With the file transfer still continuing we conducted a brief business meeting, which included the installation of the new officers for 2001by Bruce Register. We then started our main presentation.

This was given by Chris Morris (in the photo) and Joey Richardson of Verison DSL service, which is no longer officially part of the Verison telephone service. The presenter pictured below gave a brief description of DSL in general and Versison DSL in particular. He then fielded a good number of questions from the group. It appeared that there was considerable interest in DSL.

As usual, the meeting ended with a drawing for prizes—Verison shirts among them. u

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