Meeting Preview: William LaMartin will give a presentation on digital photography and the digital darkroom. As usual Mary Sheridan will conduct a computing and Windows discussion for the first 30 minutes of the meeting. Finally, we will raffle off a copy of QuickBooks Pro 2000 accounting software.

President’s Message

By Mary Sheridan, President, Tampa PC Users Group 

It’s 2001, and we find the Tampa PC Users Group doing extremely well. We have a solid member base. We have a wonderful projector and screen that’s paid for. Our bills are paid, and we have Bruce Register working on some exciting presentations for the upcoming year. It just "doesn’t get any better than this." Sure, we could use a little more income so we could provide better door prizes. I guess you all realize that our vendors, as a rule, are not providing us with product to use for our raffles. We are to the point of needing to buy software to raffle off. We need the raffle money to make our income equal our expenses. The board decided that raising dues would be a bad idea. So we’re left with the need for some creative solutions to our raffle issue. William LaMartin, Bruce Register, Bill DeLucia and many others have donated some wonderful things for us to raffle, so that’s one solution. Any other ideas will be greatly appreciated. It’s not a crisis, but a small problem that needs fixing.

I want to once again thank everyone who contributed to the projector fund. A very special thanks to Merle Nicholson for thinking the whole thing up. The fund was a great idea and a huge success.

The Spring Conference for FACUG will be the first weekend in March. As always, any who may be interested in attending can contact me or another board member for information. It’s in Kissimmee, it’s fun and you get to meet some really nice people.

I sure hope this year is as successful as last year. u