A Personal View of Technology 2000

By Mary Sheridan, President, Tampa PC Users Group

It hasn’t been a very exciting year for technology. I can’t think of even one new innovation.

I want an MP3 player, but I’m hoping the price will drop below $100.00 and I’d also like for the play time to be longer than one hour.

The Ebook I have is still a great idea, but the books sold for it cost the same price as the hardbound versions. It seems that it is much less expensive to produce an electronic version, so I resent the cost.

The Virgin Connect Web Player has been shut down. It was a neat idea, but I couldn’t figure out how they could make money, and I guess they didn’t.

My web-enabled cell phone is amazingly slow when accessing the Internet. The phone itself works fine, but that’s hardly "new technology."

Digital cameras are becoming more affordable so more people are able to use them. I’m still trying to figure out my Instamatic, so photography isn’t for me.

I use my Palm Pilot, but only as an address book. The other functions are just easier and faster on the PC. I’m getting better at note taking with graffiti, but it’s still more efficient to take notes on a piece of paper.

I’m taking college courses with the University of Phoenix Online. My schedule would never allow me to physically attend courses on a regular basic, so this is wonderful for me. Online learning has been around for quite some time, but it’s just now becoming accepted and accredited.

The upgrade to Windows Millennium hasn’t made any difference. I’m just glad I only paid $49.00 for it.

So, here’s hoping 2001 will be a banner year for technology and the cushy lifestyle said technology will bring. u