My Handspring Prism

By Mary Sheridan, Vice President, Tampa PC Users Group

I bought a Palm III for my husband in 1998. The following year, I bought him a Palm V and I took his Palm III. I used it on and off. I mostly forgot to take it with me, so it was not very helpful. I had problems with duplicate data when I would synchronize with the computer. It was frustrating to go in and manually remove duplicate records. I cannot say I had any real problems with the Palm III. It was not that easy to read and I simply left it at home too much for it to be much of a benefit.

In November, while attending Comdex, I got a good deal on the Handspring Prism. I really liked the readability of the screen. It is a color unit and very easy on the eyes. I got the unit for $249.00 and they threw in a free travel charger. I could have gotten a copy of Documents to Go for $79.00 with a $79.00 rebate, but I did not know what the program was and did not think I needed it. I bought Documents to Go a month later and could not live without it. I sure missed a deal.

I received a camera attachment for the Handspring for Christmas. It is a very neat device. I can take pictures and attach them to my address book. I no longer have to struggle with being able to remember a face and not being able to put a name to it. That is the theory; anyway, I have not met anyone new since I got the camera. I do not know exactly how much the camera cost, but I found a price range of $149.00 to $199.00 on the Internet.

I bought an Audible device that I ordered from It can play audible pre-recorded books and publications or MP3 files. Because I am a member of Audible, I was able to get the device for $49.00. I have been downloading Stephen King books and I can listen to them in the car. The Audible device came with an adapter that plugs into the cassette player and plays through the car stereo.

The Handspring uses the Palm operating software, so everything is the same as using the Palm III. I was glad that the graffiti (shorthand for the Palm) was the same and I did not have to learn anything (cannot be learning new things at my age…ha ha). I have not had any problem with the duplications when I synchronize. No doubt, the software is an upgraded version.

I am very happy with my Handspring and recommend it to the group. There are many modules available for the unit: a GPS device, extra memory, and a phone, to name a few. I would like to see a Handspring representative come to our group and give a presentation. They were offering discounts to the user groups at the APCUG fall conference. You can obtain further information on the Handspring Prism at u