Looking Back to 1992

From the February 1992 Bits of Blue



The President, Harvey Bruneau, opened the meeting at approximately 6 PM. He introduced the officers elected at the December meeting who will serve thru 1992. They are:

President Harvey Bruneau
Vice President Steve Speairs
Treasurer Bill Fuller
Education Director Ed Buzza
Member At Large Roger Waters
Co-Secretaries Jim Clark & Charles Howe



PROGRAM REVIEW: Professional Write for DOS

In typical fashion, Ed Buzza gave an excellent comprehensive presentation on PFS: Professional Write, now owned and published by Spinnaker Software Corp.

Ed reported that PW is installed simply by copying the program files to the desired directory - no “install” program is involved. The program requires 512K of RAM and an 8088 or higher. It works best with a hard drive, but will work with two floppies - though you may do a bit of swapping and it will be quite a bit slower when disk access is involved.

Among the features of PW are:

This is a pretty good program, but you should note that this is strictly a word processor; today we see many “word processors” which are closer to DTPs than WPs. This is not one of those. It does support multi-column formats, however. But, it does not support graphics - except for charts produced in PFS programs - such as First Choice and PFS Window Works.

One other note about this program - there is little similar between it and Professional Write for Windows. The latter is a much more powerful program and includes many DTP features, including graphics handling. When asked about relative value, Ed indicated that in today’s environment the $149 price for PW for DOS was a little high and that for a few more bucks you could get a more powerful program (e.g., WP 5.1).

Having given you this brief summary of the extensive review that Ed gave us, all that is left is to say, “Thanks, Ed, for your typical super presentation. We all appreciate the presentation and all of the effort you put into it.”

Copyright Laws: After the presentation a discussion of copyright laws developed. It was noted that some businesses and private individuals are rather loose with regard to the proprietary rights of others - passing around copyrighted software. We might all do well to review/refresh ourselves and reread the license agreement for copyrighted software we hold. The very beginning of one PFS program I hold, for example, says “This Software is licensed, not sold to you by Spinnaker, owner of the product, for use only under the terms of this License...” We all should know and adhere to the copyright laws. u