Minutes of the January Meeting

By Kevan Sheridan for James Weber, Secretary, Tampa PC Users Group

This was the first meeting at the Art Pepin Hospitality Room. Many last minute arrangements had to be made in order to replace the Jan Platt library room. There was no product demonstration planned for this meeting.

The Windows SIG, led by Mary Sheridan, started things off at 6:35 PM. She announced the names of the 2002 officers. There were several topics during this session but the most interesting discussions revolved around the meeting location and why we had to quickly find a new meeting room. Library scheduling conflicts with our regular meeting night was the most pressing reason and thanks to Pepin Distributors, Inc and John Witmer (of Pepin Distributors) we were able to find a new location so quickly.

It was noted that we had met at the Jan Platt Library in south Tampa for seven months and, comparing the trip from south Tampa, William indicated his trip was 15 minutes quicker than previous trips to the MOSI location further north. Several other locations were discussed as options but those present agreed that the current room worked well and John Witmer indicated he would inquire about our using the room regularly.

Mary Sheridan is interested in starting a Hand Held Personal Digital Assistant SIG (Palm, Handspring, etc). She will begin by writing articles for the newsletter. Jenny Leitzke started a discussion of interesting and cool Christmas gifts, including web cams and USB hard drives. GROUPS.GOOGLE.COM was announced as a great place to find user to user product help.

After a 15 minute break, Kevan Sheridan (2002 president) took over the meeting to cover several quick topics including:

Thank you to John Witmer and Pepin Distributors for the use of the meeting room

Benefits of PC group membership

New e-mail addresses for Board members all use @TPCUG.ORG.

parking and rest room locations

free product table (including Microsoft T-Shirts) location

How to join or renew club membership and importance of bringing potential members to the meetings

APCUG and FACUG (PC Users Groups Associations, national and state, respectively) involvement. (FACUG has a spring conference the first weekend in March)

Security issues and virus protection

Overall the meeting went very well. Won’t you join us for our next meeting on Wednesday, February 13th?

Please send any ideas, requests or complaints to president@tpcug.org. u