Meeting Preview: John Witmer will present "Excel Applications". As usual, Mary Sheridan will conduct a computing and Windows discussion for the first 30 minutes of the meeting.

President's Message

By Kevan Sheridan, President, Tampa PC Users Group

I hope you enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday. Was that a game or what? Did you even notice there were only 27 cameras instead of 31? Perhaps not. Many companies are still trying to find ways to cut back on expenses and television networks are no different from companies that support PC Users Groups.

We have less time now to spend and more things to do. We want more out of a PC group than ever before. I find myself, after working with computers for almost twenty one years and being a member of this group for more than fifteen, having a harder time keeping up with all of the new complexities and multiple layers of computing. The user interface may be considerably easier to learn and use than in the days of MS-DOS but one look in the book store should give clear evidence that itís no longer possible to pick up one four-hundred page book and learn the entire operating system.

With multimedia, broadband and many other relatively new terms we need to find the right mix of information sources. Now that we have a new meeting location we also need to increase our exposure to the public. We will be working on two of these areas in the coming months.

The Florida Association of PC Users Groups (FACUG) will be holding their spring conference during the first weekend in March. This is where Board members go to learn more about running a PC group. Itís a great place to learn what other PC groups are doing to help their groups grow.

ITEC is an annual showcase for technology and once again we will be present. We are currently working on an agreement that will give us a booth near the main floor. This event was good exposure for us last year and we can use your help: We need volunteers to help man the booth during the show (details can be found at and everyone to help us distribute free tickets. Each ticket will have a code that will tell the promoters of the show the tickets came from us. Please let Kevan or Mary know if you will be able to help. E-mail to or call (813) 988-6480.

Please send any ideas, requests or complaints to Letís have some fun learning this year! u