Some Incredible News

By Larry Anders, Librarian, Tampa PC Users Group

Any of you who have read my past articles in Bits of Blue know that I am always looking for something to make computing fun. I guess I just get bored too easily. When I first got involved in the personal computer revolution, just about every new program that came out had a “gee whiz factor” for me. That’s why I got involved with our user group as the librarian so many years ago, so I could stay on top of all the new software that was being introduced. If I got the software first, then I could impress all my friends with my expertise. Quite frankly, there wasn’t a whole lot of expertise involved, other than learning how to use the programs. I’ve always loved to see the looks on people’s faces when they asked, “How’d you do that?”

Well, as time has passed and the Internet has put the world at our fingertips, software of all kinds has been made readily available to us all. Originally there was freeware and shareware but now you can download a trial version of just about anything that’s out by just going to the distributor’s website. The Internet also provides access to plenty of good FREE programs that are out there also. This month I’m going to tell you about a great free program that will also make your computing fun again. I thought about not telling anyone about this so they wouldn’t know “how I did that”, but… what the heck, spread the fun around!

I’ll give credit to my nephew, Joey, for passing this one along to me. A couple of weeks ago he sent me an email with a link to IncrediMail. He said, “Check this out, it’s really neat!” So I went to to check it out! He was absolutely correct. And better yet, it was FREE!

IncrediMail is email that has finally evolved! (I didn’t say that - they did. If fact, that’s their slogan.) Once you start using IncrediMail your email will definitely not be boring any longer. It is loaded with visual and sound effects to fit your every mood and change the mood of anyone you send an email to. IncrediMail actually looks and functions a lot like Outlook Express, which I use, so there was no learning curve associated with getting up and running quickly as with most new programs. And the recipient on the other end does not have to have IncrediMail to see the “goodies”.

Here’s what IncrediMail’s website has to say about its special features:

Notifiers: Vivid animated characters will announce the arrival of new email. Select a Notifier that best suits you from our online collection. Contrary to other email products, IncrediMail Notifiers will let you know that you've got new mail even if your email program is closed (as long as you are connected to the Internet, of course.)

Letters: IncrediMail lets you take full control over what your emails look like. Whether you need to be formal or informal, or are feeling happy or sad, IncrediMail's Web Gallery offers you a constantly updated collection of Letter backgrounds that fit every occasion. Go ahead, breathe some life into your emails!

3D Effects: Emailing just like in the movies. With IncrediMail you can feel the thrill while you send and receive your emails. When you send an email, you will see it fly away into oblivion or sail into the deep ocean blue. When you delete, see your emails shredded before your very eyes or crumpled up like your ordinary office paper. These are just a few of the 3D effects you will see using IncrediMail.

Animations: Enhance your emails with exciting and lively animations embedded into the body of the email message and not as attachments. What better way to express yourself than to incorporate a relevant animation in your message to convey your thought and to set the mood.

Emoticons: Add some life to your emails by inserting emotion icons (emoticons) into the text of your email message. Why use :) when you can use . 

Sounds: The IncrediMail Online Gallery offers you an ever-growing collection of diverse sounds and sayings that can be added to the background of your emails at the click of a button.

Voice Message Recorder: Personalize your emails even more by adding your own voice to your emails.

Multimedia Attachment Preview: Automatic preview of attached media files including images, movies, flash and sound.

Capturing Animations from the Web: Grab any gif animation from your Internet browser and add it directly into your IncrediMail Style Box.

Ecards: Sending and receiving ecards has never been so quick and easy. For IncrediMail, ecards are just another type of email. Your friends will appreciate receiving a real self-contained ecard directly to his or her inbox rather than a link to an ecard on somebody else's web site. Make everyday a holiday with IncrediMail.

Handwritten Signatures: IncrediMail offers a simple tool for you to add your handwritten signature into your emails. We are committed to making things seamless and hassle-free. (This is actually NOT their best feature!)

So, you ask, how do we get all this, and for free? Well, in the free version there is a link at the bottom of every email leading the reader back to the IncrediMail website and there is also pop-up advertising within the program itself. Everything else seems to function alright. But for $29.95 you can get IncrediMail Premium that has no link at the bottom, no advertising pop-ups, more control over incoming email (like previewing email on the server before downloading it), extra skins to change the way overlay looks, special VIP technical support and loads of other notifiers and letter templates.

Do yourself a big favor and check out the demo at and you’ll see everything I’ve been talking about and much more. It really is a neat program and I guarantee the recipients of your emails will be saying, “How’d they do that?” u