Editor?s Comments

By William LaMartin, Editor, Tampa PC Users Group

Meeting At our October general meeting, the attendance was the lowest that I can recall in my memory, and I have been in the group about 11 years. Of course, our membership is about one fourth what it was in the early 1990?s, and our meetings reflect that. But last month was even lower than usual.

I suppose there are two basic reason for low attendance: no interest in the topic or something more important or more interesting to do. Perhaps it was the first night for a new TV show. I wouldn?t know, since I rarely watch TV. Since I was the presenter, I hope it wasn?t a dislike of the presenter. Perhaps it was the topic: Programming?Visual Basic, Delphi and Visual Studio .Net. I had promised to make it non-technical, but maybe even a non-technical talk on programming is too technical. With computers, it is sort of like cars, I think. 99% of the people just want to drive them and don?t care about what is under the hood. But, enough of that.

Viruses As I am sure most of you do, Rolex Submariner Replica I get quite a few viruses attached to my emails each week, the main one being the klez. But I have Norton Antivirus installed on my three main computers,Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watches and as of late it has caught everything, as best I can tell. But the other day while on a trip and using my laptop, all of a sudden I got a message about a file, C:\Windows\ scrsvr.exe, that was going to be quarantined. Where did that come from? I hadn?t gotten any message about any problem when downloading my email a few minutes earlier.

I went to the Symantec site to read about this worm. The exact page is http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.opaserv.worm.html. Norton apparently doesn?t detect it immediately?only after it has tried to write itself to the Windows directory?and after it has put a line in the Win.ini file to have Windows run it on the next startup. Thank goodness for AV software.

Photo Scanning As mentioned in last month?s newsletter, I am still scanning negatives and slides into my second computer. At present I have scanned in 4,802. About two thirds of these I have also backed up to CDs, since we all know that hard drives can not be trusted, don?t we. This is a long term project, and I am only up to the late 1970?s. The 1980?s should contain a fair number of photos, but I think the 1990?s should contain less. It is interesting how photography and computing have converged.

Snakes and Computers Speaking of photos,omega replica watches member Gary Ennis forwarded me an email with a sequence of photos of a technician removing a snake from a computer. One of them is below. No details were given, but I assume that the snake entered the computer via the fan opening, stayed awhile, and then tried to leave the way he came in when he heard someone coming to turn on the computer. But he didn?t make it out before the computer was turned on, and the fan got him or he was electrocuted. Of course, for the snake to get into the computer he first had to get into the building where the computer resided. Have you checked your home for snakes lately? u