Looking Back to 1992

From November 1992 Bits of Blue

By Harvey Bruneau

Without getting into politics too much, you may have noticed that the country has a new president elect. I don’t know about you, but I am glad that the air waves have returned to normal. All those commercials, debates and mud slinging attacks on each other started really getting old after a while. Hey, by the way, nominations are being accepted for the 1993 officers and I guarantee the campaign will be fast and clean. I forgot to open the floor for nominations at last month’s meeting. You can make nominations for the following positions: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Member at Large and Treasurer through the mail, BBS or at the next two meetings. These nominations, as well as the elections, are important to the future of our group. Elections will be held during the December meeting and should last a whole 15-20 minutes.

Once again our members did a complete night of talking, presenting and two way communicating. Don Patzsch’s presentation on modems covered the technical and rudimentary ins and outs of modems. Thanks, Don. The second part of the presentation, done by Kevan and myself, covered the use of our Bulletin Board System (BBS), online and live. I actually had fun talking and explaining the BBS while Kevan navigated around the BBS through the keyboard, and also explained the BBS. I also learned, as I believe you did, how to use features of the BBS of which I was not aware. The open forum between you, the audience, and Kevan and myself was great.

Of course our own Director of Education, Ed Buzza, conducted the second class, of a four part series, on WordPerfect for DOS. The November class will cover one of my favorite WordPerfect features, Tables. The crossword puzzle in last month’s newsletter was built with this feature.

One of our members has volunteered to head a Windows Special Interest Group (SIG). The time, location and hardware/software resources have yet to be determined. If you would like to join this group, please leave me a message at (813) 932-6745 or on the BBS. SIG groups are for members only and are free. If you would like to run your own SIG, please let me know.

Please notice that board members Tom Cone and Larry Anders are setting examples by writing articles for the newsletter. We need additional articles contributed by the other 200+ members. They can be about new products you have acquired, tips & techniques, or whatever information you feel is informative to the group.

Due to a timing conflict, Software Publishing will not be presenting at our November meeting. I am in the process of rescheduling the presentation of SuperBase 4 (Windows database). However, we will be giving away a complete copy of SuperBase 4 at the meeting to one of you lucky members.

Fortunately, Microsoft has accepted my invitation on short notice to present some of their current and brand new Multimedia products. These products will include Cinemania, Word/Bookshelf for Windows, Beethoven and discussion of multimedia extension under Windows. A new Windows extension, Video for Windows, that lets Windows users play video on a PC without additional hardware, may also be presented.

We are still waiting on that new 14.4k modem from US Robotics that we purchased a while back. Indications are that it will be installed this year.

Friday the 13th is closing in on us. More than half a dozen viruses are supposed to expose themselves (eek) on Friday. You can protect yourself by downloading McAfee’s antivirus from our BBS and running it on your system, or buying a commercial product and installing it. Also, remember that anti-virus software does not look inside compressed files such as ZIP files. It is possible to scan the EXE and COM files on your hard disk without finding a single virus. However a virus may be attached inside a compressed file and when uncompressed it becomes active. Make Backup! of your most Important data. u