Minutes of the October Meeting

By Peggy Pulliam, Tampa PC Users Group

The meeting started with discussions of Windows situations and a new virus, “bugbear”. Norton Anti-Virus will find it. Be sure the update your Norton AntiVirus daily!

We discussed http://www.mdhub.com. It is a site through which, if the doctor is registered with the hub, you can contact your doctor.

Contact Mary Sheridan for information on winning a trip to New York having to do with Mindshare starting a program about “what you do with your computer”.

The main presentation was an awesome showing of how programming works. Our presenter thought maybe he’d scared members away with the prospect of watching how programming is done. “Boring and complicated” seemed to be the expected lot of those of us in attendance. But William LaMartin showed us how programming works using Visual Basic, Delphi and Visual Studio .Net.

It was a simplified look, and we saw how it worked and just how much effort goes into creating a little button for us to click to add a name or a picture or some other feature to an application. A really cool part was seeing how Visual Studio. Net programs can be written and used on the web.

He also shared some VB and Delphi programs he had built and stored for download on his web site. These programs can be downloaded by any of us to use. One was a voice recording and repetition program, lots of ways to use that. My canaries still don’t sing to it, they continue to sing to the noise of the water faucet from the kitchen, but I might just use those canary noises I can capture for my wav dings and pings for different actions on my computer. Just a thought. Anyway, it’s at http://www.lamartin.com if you want to play with it and invent some uses of your own.

We also learned about what Hash is and how that can be helpful in maintaining the integrity of a written page; plus a program available for us to use. No one will be able to fool you into thinking they have not adjusted anything on your page; the hash will detect even one character change on a whole page.

AND, after the presentation, three lucky winners got GREAT raffle prizes. I am supposed to announce them here, but have lost their winning ticket information. I thought I had the lucky winning ticket when I bought mine, but that is not the case or I would remember who won and which of the three prizes she selected!

If you missed this meeting, you missed a good one.

It was very smooth, and I felt like I’d go home, update my AntiVirus and see if I could program a little something. u