By Don Patzsch, Tampa PC Users Group

Not long ago, Radio Shack sold USB flash memory in the 64mb size for $49. USB flash memory of this size is about the size of your middle finger. You plug it into your USB connector, and it shows as the next hard drive on your computer. No software needed.

Yesterday I put the memory on my PC and copied the files I wanted to back up. I happened to take 41 MB each time for two transfers to my Mac.

You may transfer PC files to a Mac and expect them to run OK if they are text or similar files. The reverse, from Mac to a PC will not work.

I put in a CD-R in the superdrive (CD and DVD burner) and I set the burn format to play on a Mac or PC, with the option of adding to the CD later, if I wanted to back up more files to that same CD.

It's kind of neat to think you can back up your PC to CD by using the Mac burner on someone else's Mac. Makes planning a lot simpler. I have no reason to want to set up a network right now, but this idea makes me wish I had one! u