Easy CD-DA Extractor Ver. 7

By Larry Anders, Librarian, Tampa PC Users Group

Since the early days of CD ripping [converting a retail CDA music file into a digital format such as MP3 or WMA], I have used various programs to do the ripping. When converting various MP3s into music files that will play in my car, I have also used various programs. But up until now, nothing seemed to be able to do it all. Now, Easy CD-DA Extractor [ECD-DA] will do it all with the right click of a mouse. ECD-DA is all-in-one audio software that rips, burns and converts between formats.

The program has a typical Windows style layout that allows you to drag and drop files to rip or convert, but I prefer the right mouse clicking from within Windows Explorer. You can highlight one or several at a time, right click and then choose what you want to do. Some of the features are:

If you want to try a free copy go to http://www.poikosoft.com/download.html. If you like it, the cost is $29.95, and all updates in the future, minor or major, are free. ECD-DA does not install any spyware or anything else that is not placed in the installation folder.

I enjoy my music and this program makes it a lot easier to enjoy my music. u