Editorís Comments

By William LaMartin, Editor, Tampa PC Users Group

This will probably be our last meeting at the present location. If things go according to plan, in September we will be meeting at the new Pepin location a few miles south of the current location. As soon as we know for sure, a new map will be posted at our web site, and a notice and map will appear in the next newsletter. Thatís if everything goes according to plan.

I just downloaded my email that had arrived since I turned off my computer nine hours ago. There were 94 messages--and every one of them was SPAM. I will receive an equal number of messages during the day, and probably only five or ten will be legitimate email. I am sure with deleting about 200 messages a day some legitimate email gets included. So if you send me an email and donít get a response, send it again because your first one may have been deleted in error. u