Looking Back to 1995

From the August 1995 Bits of Blue newsletter

President's Column

By Harvey Bruneau

I certainly hope that each of you weathered hurricane Erin without any major problems. In the aftermath of this storm, it's easy to for many individuals in the Tampa Bay area to say the storm was a wimp. Nevertheless, the center of the storm came less than forty miles from Tampa. It certainly could have been worse. Personally, I thought it was going to be, based on information coming across from the news media. We should all be prepared for these storms and not chance a disaster. Ask the people in the Florida panhandle how they liked Erin. I am sure they have a story that is 180į different from ours.

After the storm, the story, The Little Engine That Could, came to mind. Two events happened that caused me to think of this. One was the backups I created for our small data center the night before the storm was to hit, and the second was Erin itself. My nightly backups are usually performed on a 4Gig Mountain tape drive. Unfortunately, it had failed the week before, and I was waiting for a replacement from Mountain. While waiting for the replacement drive, I purchased a 4Gig Conner tape drive from Computer City to ensure that I would have daily backups. At this point Erin was not even a tropical storm. After conversations with tech support from Arcada and Conner it was determined that limitations of the Arcada software that was included with the Conner drive was not going to allow me to properly backup my Novell server. By now Erin was a hurricane and bearing down on Florida and still no replacement drive. Well on Tuesday it was finally time to put plan C and D into action. Plan C was the use of Colorado Trakker 250Mb tape drives. Fortunately I had two. It took a lot of tapes and some time to backup four gigabytes, but it worked. This was a case of the little tape drives that could.

The second reminder is to look at the damage caused in the Pensacola area. Who thought that Erin, that little bitty storm could do over $200,000,000 worth of damage. I guess it was the little storm that could.

I mentioned in my column last month, we are looking for early candidates to fulfill officer positions of the Tampa PC Users Group for the 1996 year. Elections will be held in December. Letís not wait until the elections to realize that we have no volunteers to run the business of the Tampa PC Users Group in '96. Following is a list of officers needed to run a PC user group and their associated brief job descriptions. I have added some positions which do not currently exist but are important. Additionally, I have placed the names of those individuals currently assuming, in whole or part, the responsibility of each position.

In conclusion, if you are interested in serving your group in any one or more of the above positions, share those thoughts with the officers in person at the monthly meeting on the BBS or by phone. The future and the success of the Tampa PC Users Group depends on volunteers committed to leading the group. u