Minutes of the July Meeting

By Doug Mullis, Secretary, Tampa PC Users Group

Vice President John Witmer started the SIG portion of our meeting at 6:35 p.m. in the absence of both Mary Sheridan, Member at Large, and President Kevan Sheridan. Kevan’s absence was because he had to work late.

John announced that the Intel Build Your Own Computer presentation has been moved from August to our November 9th meeting as the program is being revised to permit more flexibility on the participants’ part in deciding what they want. John also said that Pepin is moving right after our August meeting. The new location will be south of the existing, on 50th Street at the northeast corner of Martin Luther King Blvd. We will have to get instructions out in the newsletter for getting into the site and finding the meeting place for our September meeting.

Mike Hodges, Treasurer, distributed membership cards and nametags. The cards were very professionally done and waterproofed and the nametags now all match. We can thank Mary Sheridan for such a great job.

Bruce Register reminded us that Comp USA honors our Group with discounts in the range of 12%, so use those membership cards to get your discounts by going to the commercial or service checkout, not the front registers.

At 7:00, the regular meeting began with John introducing our presenter of the evening, William LaMartin, distinguished member and editor of our newsletter. William’s demo this evening focused on two areas of interest, examples of Visual Basic .Net Programming and some aspects of digital photography, two areas that consume much of his time. We also got to see part of his collection of “Old Florida” photographs.

According to William, VB.Net is a far more powerful programming language than the old Visual Basic. William gave examples of how to program for the Web, the Windows desktop and the Pocket PC using Visual Basic .Net.

In the digital photography section, William showed us photos he has taken with his digital camera and demonstrated how you can modify or improve them using Adobe Photoshop. We had fun making him and other subjects look better (or in some cases worse) than they are in real life. It was lots of fun, but time consuming. It was 9:00 p.m. before we knew it. Thanks William for an entertaining evening.

We had no door prizes to give at this meeting, so we adjourned at about 9:00 p.m. u