Editor’s Comments

By William LaMartin, Editor, Tampa PC Users Group

Scanner solution Recently I wrote about not being able to purchase a replacement negative holder for my Epson scanner. Well, I have found a solution. It’s an 8”x 10” piece of clear glass. I simply put the negatives on the scanner bed aligned parallel to the side of the scanner and then place the piece of glass over them to hold them in position. It works for all negative sizes. The only difficulty is getting the negative aligned properly.

IE 7 I have installed IE 7 on my laptop and my desktop with no real problems other than getting used to the new interface. I did notice an increase in security settings when I open web sites on my computer for editing with FrontPage and other programs. But others I know have not bee so lucky.

One person noticed that immediately after the installation, if she left her computer unused for any length of time, when she returned to try to open a web page or send an email, nothing would happen—neither IE nor Outlook Express would respond. The solution to this problem was to change the power settings for her computer from an energy-saving mode to one that only shut off the monitor after a certain length of time. The energy-saving mode was putting the computer in standby, which had caused no problem previously.

Another person could not open any message in Outlook Express after installing IE7. If she clicked on a message, she would get an error message to the effect that there was something wrong with the address book and it could not be loaded. If you looked up the exact wording of the error message, there was a solution at Microsoft.com that supposedly provided a solution. It basically involved finding your address book, copying it to the desktop, then deleting all address books under your profile (which had somehow become corrupted). That should allow you to then open Outlook Express and to import the information in the old address book, and everything should be OK.

However, that did not work. As soon as she would touch the address book in OE, the same error message appeared. After some thought, I think I know the problem. What she thought was her profile was probably not her profile. So, since she is the only user of her computer, she should delete all the address books (.wab files) on her computer except the one she put on the desktop. Then OE would create a new blank one into which she could import the data from the one on the desktop. But she has not tried this yet.u