Minutes of the November Meeting

By Jim Purcell, Secretary, Tampa PC Users Group

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Bob LaFave started the meeting by opening the Windows SIG at approximately 6:30 pm. There was a question on how to properly delete temporary files. The member said that when she last deleted temporary files, she also deleted useful cookie files. Bob stated that there is a free download called “CCleaner” that does a good job of selectively deleting temporary files. A member asked if he should leave Windows Defender turned on when he adds a new antivirus program. Bob explained that Windows Defender is an antispyware program and should be left on unless it conflicts with a new antispyware program that you are adding. A member asked which antispyware program used fewer resources. The problem seemed to be the frequency with which the program runs. Bob advised that the program that he uses allows him to determine how often he wants the program to run. He suggested that the member check his program to see if his program has a similar setting. William LaMartin complained about a Norton popup offering an update that is almost impossible to cancel. Bob’s advice was to keep clicking until you find a way to permanently cancel the popup. Most members seemed to think that an offer to make your computer run faster for $29.95 was not really from Norton.

John Witmer, our president, opened the business portion of the meeting at approximately 6:45 pm. He discussed the candidates for election at our December meeting. He introduced Andy Phillips, a visitor at the meeting. John discussed possible presentations in the first months of next year. He asked members to submit topics for presentations during the next year. He announced that there would be no presentations for December. The whole evening at the December meeting will be devoted to a Christmas party and election of officers.

Jim Purcell began his presentation of “Scanning, Editing and Sharing Your Photos” at approximately 7:20 pm. He began with a discussion of the announcement by LaserSoft Imaging AG, a software developer designing software such as Silverfast for scanners and digital cameras, that they can now remove dust and scratch marks while scanning Kodachrome film. Jim explained that he had not been able to test the process, so that part of the presentation will be given at a later date. He said that he would generalize the discussion of Photo Editors because there are several on the market and practically everyone prefers the editor that they are using. He discussed flatbed scanners and film scanners. He also talked about the growing use of digital cameras to scan large objects that conventional scanners cannot handle and to expedite time-consuming projects, such as large numbers of slides that can be captured by a digital camera in a fraction of the time required by a scanner. He used a picture that William LaMartin produced using a quickly-assembled setup with his digital camera. William pointed out that this system, when properly assembled, is quite expensive. Jim demonstrated how the film scanner works using a roll of Advanced Photo System film. He also demonstrated how the image was loaded into the Photoshop Elements Organizer and showed the features of the Organizer. He discussed the vast improvements and versatility of the new flatbed scanners which, in spite of the quality improvements, are available at much lower prices than just a few years ago. Jim highly recommended a visit to Wayne Fulton’s web site for information on practically any aspect of scanning. The site is exceptionally well organized and is written in a style that is easy to understand. Fulton also responded to an email on the same day that it was submitted. http://www.scantips.com.

In showing the Organizer in Photoshop Elements Jim demonstrated how images are added by downloading them from the camera and how they can be viewed by folder, date, or geographical location. Jim demonstrated a feature that allows you to switch good heads for bad between common group pictures, thereby eliminating closed eyes, turned heads and funny expressions. Jim also had scrapbooks available as examples of how to share your photos. The presentation ended with a discussion of scanners and how to look for the features that take care of your specific needs. The meeting ended at approximately 9:30 pm. u