Editor’s Comments

By William LaMartin, Editor, Tampa PC Users Group

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Elevate Tampa Bay Have you noticed your house rising? I had hoped to get my first floor above its present 11 feet above sea level, since 11 feet wouldn’t be very nice if a 20-foot high storm surge were to come in from the bay. But that is not to be, Ed White and his cohorts are only interested in elevating the computer literacy of Tampa Bay. They, all members of the TPCUG, gave us a presentation of the program and goals at the last meeting and have followed up with progress reports via email.

Parts online I had recourse to order repair parts for a dishwasher and lawnmower in the past several weeks. At http://www.partselect.com, I was able to view a schematic of my GE dishwasher to get the part and had it within two days by ordinary delivery since it was coming from Jacksonville. The mower part was for a 19-year-old Toro and is coming from http://www.partstree.com in Austin, Texas. I was not so lucky with a Stihl brush cutter since they do not allow their parts to be sold online, as best I can tell. Additionally, I also ordered a toner cartridge for my 13-year-old HP LaserJet 4 Plus printer from HP with free next day FEDX shipping (of course, at $104 they can throw in free shipping). And it is not as if I am taking business away from local stores. Home Depot has about run out of business all the small, independent places that used to sell lawn mowers and their associated parts. And good luck finding a toner cartridge for a 13-year-old printer locally. I suppose, though, with a bit of phoning around, I could have gotten the dishwasher part.

The Internet is a real handy thing, isn’t it?

Geo-tagging In another article in this newsletter, I write about adding longitude and latitude information to photos you have taken. Microsoft has supplied the free program, Pro Photo Tools, to do this. You can even geo-tag a photo taken many years ago if you scan it into a digital file. I am sure if you have a photo of your parents standing in front of the Empire State Building, you will have no trouble finding it on the map in Pro Photo Tools and thus be able to tag the image.

In fact, you would be doing a great service to anyone to whom you might be passing these photos in the future if you provided, in addition to a geo-tag if such is possible, a description and other information using this program. That information will then stay in the header of the image file—unless deleted by some renegade image-editing program—for future generations to view. u