Editor’s Comments

By William LaMartin, Editor, Tampa PC Users Group

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Thanks to Jim Purcell and Ron Weinberg, we have a newsletter this month. They each simply wrote about a program they are using on their computer—Ubuntu and Microsoft Virtual PC for Ron and Adobe Photoshop Elements for Jim. Almost any member could do the same thing—if you would.

As for me, it has been a slow computing month. I have done a little VB.Net programming, provided descriptions and location information for recent digital photos and created web pages so that I could simultaneously watch several local TV stations in both New Orleans and Houston as the recent hurricanes approached those cities.

For the digital photos, I use Adobe Photoshop CS3 to add my own name, email, etc. to the creator Metadata item. Then I add a description and key words. Later, using Microsoft Pro Photo Tools, I add the longitude and latitude of the photo (if I can remember exactly where I took it). So, now I am considering this as computing and not just photography since I am using the two computer programs to accomplish this task.

For any who have created web pages, you may know that you can insert as many Windows Media Player objects in a page as you want. It only takes a few lines of code for each one. Then all you need is the link for the content you want to show in each media player. You then put the web page on any web server and you can watch as many stations as you can fit on the page—just be sure to mute the volume on all but one at a time.

For Hurricane Gustav, I chose two New Orleans stations; for Hurricane Ike, I chose four stations in Houston. u