Editor’s Comments

By William LaMartin, Editor, Tampa PC Users Group

Thanks to Jim Purcell we have some content for the newsletter this month. And since I made a small computer related purchase, I wrote about that.

Last month, right at the end of the meeting, Bob LaFave took us to a site of interest to him--Live Ships Map, in the links this month. That got me to thinking that I might be able to do something similar. Recall that I have mapped census data and NPR stations, among other things. After a good bit of work, I have things the way I want, and you can view the results at http://www.lamartin.com/ShipLocations/. There was a fair bit of programming involved with this: Getting the marine traffic data as a zipped file, unzipping the data, supplying country names and flags for the ships, and, lastly, displaying the data on a map. All done when you select a location to view.

Below is a screen capture of the program displaying ships on the Mississippi River at New Orleans. At the actual page, you may zoom in and then hover your mouse over a pin to get specific information for that ship. u

Ship Locations map