Editor’s Comments

By William LaMartin, Editor, Tampa PC Users Group

In my article in this newsletter, I describe two problems with my desktop computer I had this past month that took about four days of my life to solve. The first involved an Acronis full system backup that would freeze the computer, although such a backup worked fine several weeks previous.

The second problem was that I discovered any email sent from my computer or any other computer on the LAN in my house was being labeled as spam by at least two important Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and deposited in the recipients SPAM folder, which they never saw. The ISPs were EarthLink and Verizon. I was particular galled by EarthLink's labeling me as a spammer since I have had an EarthLink email account for 15 years – before there even was an EarthLink. It was with NetCom, which was absorbed by EarthLink many years back.

My only guess as to how I got labeled a spammer is that several times a week I send about 300 emails to residents of my neighborhood who have provided their emails for that purpose. Read the article for details. u